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Telangana votes

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fingers Crossed as Poll Campaign Ends in Telangana - The New Indian Express

Fingers Crossed as Poll Campaign Ends in Telangana - The New Indian Express


Most newspapers this morning report the election spats turning uglier, as the final rounds of campaigning come to an end. "Parties trade vicious personal attacks" writes the Business Standard". Congress turns Vitriolic, Congress, BJP sharpen barbs ahead of phase-7 writes the Hindu."In final lap the gloves come off", writes the Indian Express.

The European Union has temporarily banned the import of Alphonso mangoes and four fruits and vegetables from India. This comes after 207 consignments of fruits and vegetables from India were found to be contaminated by pests such as fruit flies and other quarantine pests. The Hindu, Financial Express, Business Standard and other papers have reported this story. "EU bans floods India with mangoes, prices plunge", writes the Times of India.

A study covering over 10,000 children in five metropolitan cities suggests that a child's waist circumference can help predict metabolic diseases. The metabolic syndrome can result in hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardio- vascular diseases. The study says that with a 70th waist circumference percentile in children puts them at risk for these diseases. The Indian Express and other papers have covered this story.

The Hindu reports that Ramesh Aggarwal single handedly took on corporate giants in his quest for justice in the Gare village of Chhattisgarh. For a decade he waged a one man Campaign to educate illiterate villagers about their rights in fighting pollution and land grabbing, and finally was one of the six recipients of the Goldman Environmental prize or the Green Nobel of 175 thousand dollars.

And finally, a South California mite has set a new record as the worlds fastest land animal which can run 20 times faster than a Cheetah. This exciting discovery that sets a new world record writes the Asian Age. "Cheetah out mite is the fastest land animal", writes the Times of India quoting a Washington D.C. study.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tech honcho in Andhra poll fray for Telangana cause

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Tech honcho in Andhra poll fray for Telangana cause


"BJP's Vadra video heats up battle", is the Hindustan Times headline saying that the BJP had released a video and booklet on Robert Vadra's alleged fraudulent land deals prompting Priyanka Gandhi to say "a bunch of lies" would not silence her.

The Pioneer reports of the bullet ruling the roost in Banda Lok Sabha constituency in UP. Several gangs have unleashed terror in 40 villages insisting on people voting for the cycle - the Samajwadi Party symbol.

A report in the Asian Age quotes an Assocham study pointing to a less than normal monsoon, which is likely to affect pulse production. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - which produce 80 per cent of pulses will be under the EL Nino effect - and this will increase the prices of pulses.

Believe it or not, Kurukshetra based Jiya can draw the exact sketch of whatever she sees, has the calendars of last 300 years on finger tips, can talk about chemical reactions and the periodic table. What is amazing is that Jiya Phutela is only 9 years old, reports the Tribune.

The Pioneer also reports of a wrong piece of information on the Konark temple given in a CBSE class V Hindi text book.

It is not just about human trafficking  or Rhino horns or tiger skins or elephant tusks. Now India's marine bio-diversity is being robbed of sea horses and sea cucumbers. Despite legal protection they are being smuggled to Thailand and China where they are in great demand in cuisine and in Chinese medicine - reports the Pioneer.

See this page before you vote -via Rediff News for Android

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gandhis go for Modi, all guns blazing


Papers are full of election related news, campaigns, allegations and counter attacks, 'Gandhis go for Modi, all guns blazing' is the Hindustan Times headline, while the Business Standard writes 'Modi trains guns on 10, Janpath'. 'In Punjab, Sonia calls Modi model a sham' says the Tribune and the Hindu, quoting her writes ' May God please save the country from this model'. The same paper, quoting Modi says 'Why is India not able to get Dawood? Shinde's talk of nabbing the don is empty rhetoric'.
The Prime Minister upset over his half brother on joining the BJP is covered adequately by the press. Mail Today has a picture showing Narendra Modi welcoming him. Close on Sanjay Baru's damning book, PM admits his failure to control his adult stepbrother' writes the paper. But the Asian Age and Times of India show the other brother, Surjit Singh, campaigning with Congress' Amrinder Singh in Amritsar.
Ramdev's comment that Rahul Gandhi visited Dalit homes for 'honeymoon and picnic' drew a lot of flak, write many dailies. 'Ramdev apologises, FIR filed for remark' says the Statesman.
To what extent can political parties go for campaigning? Well, the Times of India shows pigeons tagged with political parties election symbols in Lucknow. 'Winged campaigners enter poll scene' writes the paper.
56 distinguished personalities who received the Padma awards figure in many dailies. 'India decorates its best' says Mail Today, as it shows Leander Paes and Ruskin Bond receiving the prestigious award.
The Pioneer reports on its front page about a NGO, which has claimed to have exposed a scam in MNREGA, where fictitious labourers have been listed and have been given job cards. And, hold your breath, the paper has a cartoon showing Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan as labourers with the caption 'Sachin, Dravid, Bachchan are MNREGA workers!'. Believe it or not, they are listed among the beneficiaries of MNREGA!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

May God save the country from ‘Modi model’: Sonia

The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Latest News


Papers highlight the Enforcement Directorate's charge sheet against political heavyweights A Raja and Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi accusing them of money laundering. The Indian Express writes - Three years after it began investigation, the ED has charged former telecom minister A Raja, DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi's wife Dayalu Ammal and his daughter Kanimozhi with money laundering in the 2G Spectrum allocation scam.

The top headline in the Times of India reads; "Congress left red-faced as Prime Minister's brother joins BJP at Modi Rally".

The war of words between the Congress and the BJP continues to simmer, writes The Pioneer. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, taking a cue from her brother Rahul Gandhi, attacked the Gujarat model of development, accusing Narendra Modi of selling thousands of acres of land cheap to his 'friends'.

"Gold plot thickens - 26 kilos gold pilfered from Padma Temple", writes Mail Today. Amicus Curiae Gopal Subramaniam has told the Supreme Court that gold worth almost 80 crore rupees has been pilfered from the vaults of one of the richest shrines in the country. Discovery of a gold plating machine indicates that original ornaments were replaced with fakes.

Hindustan Times reports that Indian born economist Arvind Panagariya - a Columbia University professor - is willing to play a key role in the next Govt. Economist Jagdish Bhagwati, from the same University - is also positioning himself to advice Narendra Modi, if the latter becomes prime minister, report The Indian Express.

Asian Age informs us that outgoing Chief Justice of India, P Sathasivam does not mind being the first Lokpal of the country, if the decision is taken unanimously and without controversy.

And finally, Times of India writes that for most people - coffee may have great health benefits. Scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that those who increased the amount of coffee they drank each day by more than one cup over a four year period, had an 11% lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quiz: How big a Quentin Tarantino fan are you? | Film |

Quiz: How big a Quentin Tarantino fan are you? | Film |


Newspapers are choc a bloc with election related news, campaigns, election rallies and accusations. Leading dailies show Priyanka Gandhi canvassing in Rae Bareli. 'Priyanka counters BJP's attacks, speaks out in husband's defence' is the Times of India headline. 'Hurt Priyanka bares heart for hubby' writes Mail Today.

'Election Commission slaps ban on Giriraj for hate speech' says the Tribune. 'Modi in damage control mode - Togadia booked, EC bars Giriraj from addressing election rallies' writes the Hindu. Shazia Ilmi's controversial call to Muslims to go communal finds place in the Pioneer, the Hindu and the Statesman. 'Muslims are too secular, should be communal' reports the Times of India, quoting Ilmi.

The Supreme Court asking the Mudgal panel to probe the IPL wrong doings further has got adequate coverage. 'Is Srinivasan's grip on BCCI weakening?' asks the Asian Age.

Good news for travellers on the Delhi Chandigarh, Delhi - Bhopal and Delhi - Lucknow  circuit. 'For now railways plan desi bullet trains @130 km per hour ' is the Financial Express headline.

A decision which will prove to be a deterrent - Mail Today writes 'Supreme Court bans lawyer for sexual harassment - bars him from entering court for 6 months'.

The Hindu carries a news item of an 89 year old, 3 time MLA in Khammam district. One would expect him to have all comforts at this age, but the paper reports that sadly, he doesn't even have a pucca house, and takes a bus to commute.

And finally, the Pioneer reports on its front page of an interesting family-specially in election time. The names of Bharti's children a 55 year old in Jalalpur in UP are Mulayam Singh, Kalyan Singh, Giani Zail Singh, Rajnath Singh, Manmohan Singh and Bal Thackerey! Talk of all parties coming together!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In Narendra Modi's speech, Pawan Kalyan is hero, no mention of Chandrababu Naidu |

In Narendra Modi's speech, Pawan Kalyan is hero, no mention of Chandrababu Naidu |


An FIR registered against VHP leader Pravin Togadia as a political fire-storm raged over his alleged remarks that Muslims should not be allowed to buy properties in Hindu areas have been widely reported by the newspapers. The Statesman covers it under the headline "Controversy over Togadia Remarks".

The Delhi High Court got it first woman chief Justice after Justice Gorla Rohini was administered the oath of office by Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung writes the Hindu.

India's horticulture production, for the first time, has surpassed its agriculture output. According to the Indian Agriculture Research Institute, the country produced 268.85 million tonnes of horticulture commodities in 2012-13 breaching the agriculture output of 255.36 million tonnes reports the Mail Today.

The Pioneer has reported that Syria will hold presidential elections on June 03. This is a vote President Assad is likely to contest as his nation sinks deeper into a bloody curl war, now in its fourth year.

According to the Hindustan Times, Scientists have suggested that Laughing can improve short-term memory in older adults as humour reduces stress, lower blood pressure and boosts mood.

According to the Asian Age scientists have for the first time turned adult human skin cells into stem cells, which can grow into any type of tissue in the body, using cloning techniques.

"Birds may help us fight heart attacks, strokes", writes the Times of India. A new study into how the world's highest flying bird, bar-headed geese, is able to survive at extreme altitudes may have future implication for low-oxygen medical conditions in humans.

Monday, April 21, 2014

In Telangana, Rahul sells dreams to new state, flays TRS

In Telangana, Rahul sells dreams to new state, flays TRS


"Billions of dollars at stake" is the Hindustan Times headline - It says much is riding on these elections - investors are anxious on the outcome so that accordingly they can take decisions on investment as a 100,000 crore rupees worth of projects are stalled, awaiting government approvals.

Khap panchayats to organize a mahapanchayat next month in Delhi for amendment to Hindu marriage act to ban same gotra marriage is another eye-catching story in the Tribune.

The Hindu reports how a village Mohabbat Tola in the Malda district of West Bengal is one of the villages that have disappeared under the swirling waters of the Ganga as the river changed its course during monsoon. As a result many villagers will not be able to vote as they have shifted their habitation.

'78% turnout but few can show ink mark' is the Indian Express headline - pointing to complaints of bogus voting in Haryana's Mewat district.

The Pioneer reports that an Election Commission team has to travel 35 kilometers for a lone voter in Gujarat's Gir forest.

Of the 3,000 widows living in pathetic conditions in Vrindavan, in anonymity, 225 are lucky this time to have had the privilege of a valid voter's I card and then be able to vote on April 24 in elections there - reports the Hindu.

And finally, do you snore at night ? well the Asian Age reports of a new app - sleep Appnea which has been introduced on Android to tell you just that.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

36 Unexpected Origins Of Everyday British Phrases

36 Unexpected Origins Of Everyday British Phrases


Papers this Sunday morning carry reports of hard line Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani stating that emissaries sent by Narendra Modi had met him - for help in resolving the Kashmir issue. "BJP trashes Geelani emissary talk claim" - is a Mail Today headline. The paper adds that a Hurriyat Conference spokesperson has refused to identify the said emissaries.

Papers are also rife with news of senior Pakistan TV journalist Hamid Mir, being shot at by four assailants in Karachi. The Hindu writes that the driver showed presence of mind and didn't stop till he reached a private hospital. Hamid Mir's brother blames the ISI for the attack.

"Is Musharraf in Karachi to flee Pakistan?" questions Hindustan Times. Musharraf's move yesterday from Islamabad to Karachi, where he was expected to be admitted to a military hospital, is being seen as a step towards his eventual departure from Pakistan.

Indian Express writes - in what could escalate into another India-China diplomatic row, Beijing has asked New Delhi not to include youth from Arunachal Pradesh in the annual Youth Exchange Delegation next month. India's Youth Affairs Ministry has protested and wants the entire exchange scrapped.

Transgenders across the capital converged at Jantar Mantar on Saturday to celebrate the recognition of the community as third gender. Quoting a member, Hindustan Times writes, "If the government can provide us with jobs and help us earn respect in society we can walk on the road without fear and stop working as sex workers.

The Hindu writes, tired of Delhiites using religious rituals as an excuse to pollute the Yamuna, an NGO has decided to intercept devotees before they fling their offerings from the bridge into the river. Attendants approach such devotees and take their offerings on cycle carts to Ghazipur - for segregation and recycling.

And finally, Mail Today reports on the ASI's efforts to unravel the Mahabharata Link at Purana Qila. Ongoing excavation at the site has been on since mid January, but 1.5 metres of further digging will expose the lowest cultural settlement and, perhaps, make a breakthrough to prove the link.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Battle for 311 seats; will it be a BJP coup or Congress miracle?


Newspapers are full of election news on their front pages, with Mail Today highlighting BJP leader Narendra Modi's 'Mission Kashmir'. The paper says that Modi sent emissaries to reach out to a hardline Kashmiri separatist. The Hindustan Times carries as lead item "Battle for 311 seats; will it be a BJP coup or Congress miracle?"
"Superseded Vice Admiral wants justice or retirement", is the Tribune Headline. Finding new Vice Chief to be Admiral's priority, says the report.
The Hindustan Times reports that the Archeological survey of India started excavation at Purana Quila in Delhi on the 28th of January. They had about 10,000 visitors from the public on World Heritage Day yesterday. The Asian Age has pictures of some of the treasures like potters dabber, Vaikuntha Vishnu stone sculpture among a hundred artefacts displayed there.
The Hindu reports of a special gift from UNESCO to India. Fifteen additional sites have been placed in the tentative list, thereby endorsing the rich heritage diversity we have in India.
A UK study reveals that Gujarat has high levels of cash crops but the lowest level of farmer suicides in India. An analysis of 18 states found that the highest suicide rate states are Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh reports the Hindustan Times.
'60% water unsafe in rural India' says a report in the Asian Age pointing out to a revelation in a study published in British journal Lancet. And 41.5 per cent of Urban India has contaminated water.
The Times of India reports of a strong suspicion that the riches of Kerala's Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple estimated at 1 lakh crore rupees are getting stolen and replaced with fakes. The amicus curiae Gopal Subramanium found this after a 35 day inspection of the temple and has made the plea to Supreme Court.
Most papers have covered the passing away of the Columbian Nobel Laureate Gabriel GARCIA MARQUEZ, with frequent reference to his books - 'One hundred years of Solitude' and 'Love in the time of Cholera'.
And finally, the Hindu carries a picture of India's first double-decker flyover which was opened to public yesterday in Mumbai. It connects the eastern and western suburbs of the city reducing travel time by upto one hour.

Friday, April 18, 2014

'It's rocking,' says BJP about alliance with Chandrababu Naidu |

'It's rocking,' says BJP about alliance with Chandrababu Naidu |


High turnout witnessed in 121 constituencies which went to the polls across 12 states in 5th phase of Lok Sabha elections finds lead in most papers. The Tribune headlines it "Voter surge continues".

Almost two months after the resignation of Admiral D.K. Joshi, the government has appointed Admiral Robin Dhowan as the Chief of the Naval Staff. Most newspapers have carried this story on their front page along with photograph of Admiral Dhowan.

The Business Standard on its front page writes that the Supreme Court has held that the Comptroller and Auditor General could audit the account books of private telecom companies, which share their revenue with the government for using spectrum.

Ahead of NATO troops down sizing their presence in Afghanistan, India has firmed up a far reaching deal with Russia to supply arms to the troubled country under which New Delhi will pay for the military equipment that will be sourced from Moscow reports the Indian Express.

An Iranian mother spared the life of her son's convicted murderer with an emotional slap in the face as he awaited execution with the noose around his neck. The story has been reported in the Hindu along with the photograph of the mother crying after sparing the murderer's life.

Waves in our brain make smells stick to our memories and inner maps, scientists have discovered. The signals from our nose translate and connect to memories in an orchestrated symphony of signals in our head writes the Times of India.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

BJP-TDP alliance runs into rough weather

BJP-TDP alliance runs into rough weather


    With the biggest round of voting scheduled for today, most papers make it their lead story. Hindustan Times writes, that it's a 'make or break' and a high stakes day today, with as many as 192 million people voting in 12 states, for 121 seats. At the end of today's voting, 232 of the 543 Lok Sabha seats would have been voted for.
    The Election Commission cautioning media houses against broadcasting or publishing opinion polls - is covered by the papers. The Indian Express writes - the Election Commission has said that opinion polls were 'exit polls' for all practical purposes and that media houses must not publish opinion polls.
    Papers also covered Narendra Modi's responses during yesterday's television interviews. The Indian Express reports that the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate has vowed that he would not be 'vindictive' if voted to power, and stressed that he would not launch a witch hunt against Robert Vadhra involving his land deals.
    Business Standard writes that the Supreme Court, yesterday, asked the BCCI to set up a panel to probe the role of its former President N. Srinivasan and 12 others, into the IPL spot-fixing scandal.
    And finally, the Times of India writes that Delhi High Court's Chief Justice B.D. Ahmed and Justice S. Mridul have said that the condition of children's parks in Delhi was a serious violation of the human rights of children and has asked for a status report, with pictures, of Children's parks run by the municipal bodies, within 2 weeks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chiranjeevi’s brother Kalyan most searched celebrity candidate in LS polls | The Indian Express

Chiranjeevi’s brother Kalyan most searched celebrity candidate in LS polls | The Indian Express


With election speeches still making for interesting news, papers today write of the Gandhi vs Gandhi war of words. "Cousins Priyanka and Varun spar over "Betrayal of family" and opposing ideology" writes the Mail Today while the Asian Age says "Priyanka to Varun: This is no tea party, its war..."

The Tribune opines "with opinion polls writing off the Congress, party president Sonia Gandhi is all set to take centre stage in the remaining days of campaigning.

The Hindustan Times writes that the suspense over the next navy chief is almost over, with Vice Admiral Robin Dhowan likely to be the new chief.

Under the headline "Pak keen to boost trade between 2 Punjabs",  the Tribune writes that Pakistan wants to do this in the larger interest of consolidating economic links with India.

"End of Capital road for wayward e - rickshaw", writes the Pioneer. The paper says that after failing to regulate electric rickshaws that are playing illegally in the Capital, the Delhi Govt. is now wanting to scrap this experiment.

Now life style changes for animals too - the Pioneer reports that no more sleepy animals for Delhi Zoo visitors. Believing that the animals must exercise for food and fitness, Zoo authorities have lined up a series of activities - from ropes, swings to stretching - the animals will be healthily occupied.

And finally, one more reason not to stay hungry. The Times of India writes that low levels of sugar can turn a niggling irritation into a Blazing row with your partner, according to a study. Being hungry and angry that is "Hangry", is definitely not relationship friendly!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Telangana polls: Big shots face off this election

Telangana polls: Big shots face off this election


Most newspapers this morning cover the political battles being waged just before the elections.

The Statesman, Tribune, Asian Age and other papers have headlined the release of the book by the ex-coal secretary entitled" Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and other truths". According to the Hindustan Times, the former secretary alleges in his book that false complaints would be filed against CEOs and bureaucrats if they did not oblige politicians. The Hindu writes "PM could have averted coal scam: PC Parakh".

Chennai has emerged as the center of doubtful transactions during an investigation by the enforcement directorate into suspected illegal expenditure by candidates and their associates during the elections. The Hindu further adds that the Election Commission has seized over 200 crore rupees of unaccounted money across the country.

Twitter is riding high on the election hysteria to expand its network in India, with politicians and their followers taking to the micro - blogging site to engage in an all out verbal spar. Though the national elections are not even halfway through, election related tweets have crossed 20 million, writes the Times of India.

Before Delhi is accorded the tag of a World Heritage City, UNESCO will be sending a team of archaeological experts, to examine its heritage sites, writes the Hindu in a front page story.

And finally, in a ground breaking research trial, researchers in the United Kingdom will test artificial blood made from human cells in patients for the first time. The Times of India and Hindu have reported this story.

Monday, April 14, 2014

London marathon 2014: man dies after crossing the finish line | Sport |

London marathon 2014: man dies after crossing the finish line | Sport |


With the country neck deep in elections, the front page headlines predictably are dominated by election news. In what could cause embarrassment to the BJP, the Asian Age highlights senior BJP leader Murali Manohar Joshi's comment, "No Modi wave, only wave for BJP". In a front page banner headline, the Times of India reports "Priyanka was very keen to fight Modi in Varanasi but Congress leadership said no".

The PMO's denial of the claims made by   Sanjaya Baru, a former media adviser to the Prime Minister, in his recently published book, that PMO files were seen by Congress President Sonia Gandhi is widely reported. The Tribune reports "PMO rubbishes Baru's claims, says no file shown to Sonia".

A book by former coal secretary P C Parakh is in the news too. On the coal block allocation process, the Times of India reports him as saying in his book "PMO, ministers stymied PM on open bidding".

In a front page exclusive, the Hindustan Times reports the BJP President Rajnath Singh as telling the paper that the BJP does not propose to change India's no-first-use nuclear policy.

Most papers take note of the attack on a National Conference leader in Kashmir's Pulwama district by two militants. "Two cops killed in attack on NC leader" reports the Pioneer. The Indian Express adds "Militants later killed in gunbattle; NC hints at PDP role".

How serious is the political class in addressing the problem of criminalisation of politics? Drawing attention to the views of Law Commission chairman Justice A P Shah,The Times of India writes "Law panel chief says political class not serious about electoral reforms".

And finally, The Tribune reports that the indelible ink used on the finger after you vote is exported to 28 countries. It cannot be removed by any oil, detergent or chemical and only disappears when new skin cells grow. So raise your index finger in pride!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today, a fourth of the 81.45 crore Indians eligible to vote, have access to Internet


Most newspapers carry as lead headline the killing of 14 persons including poll personnel in the strike by Maoists in Bastar.
The Lok Sabha elections in world's largest democracy India has led to a 30 member delegation from 19 countries including Africa, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Ethiopia to visit the country to observe poll related arrangements on such a mammoth scale. This is poll tourism, reports the Statesmen.
Today, a fourth of the 81.45 crore Indians eligible to vote, have access to Internet. So it is no surprise that there are many apps for the voters - "India Vote" app tells you about candidates in your area / "India Election EC votes" helps locate the nearest booth and "voting line" app helps you gauge election trends at any given time. This makes for a front page story in the Financial Express. But Mail Today and the Business standard warn of a "Heart bleed bug" which might affect millions of smart phones.
"Subway to phase out yoga - mat chemical says an Asian Age report. The Subway chain has got bad publicity due to this chemical AZODI CARBONAMIDE being used as dough conditioner. It is also used as a bleaching agent and though approved by FDA, a professor has called it carcinogenic and Macdonald's and Statrbucks also use it.
A SRI AGASTYESWARA temple in Kadapa constructed in 11/12th century AD once had SAGE AASTYA living there many years ago. Unfortunately its GALI GOPURAM collapsed recently due to lack of maintenance reports the Hindu.
It is Baisakhi today An article in the Tribune titled. "29 men in minus 30 Degree Celsius on a Baisakhi day" talks about the logjam of Siachen that neither India nor Pakistan can afford.
About a hundred under - graduate students of AIIMS New Delhi took a solemn oath to donate organs at their Organ Retrieval Banking Organization Unit. Organ donation has seen poor growth despite there being 1 lakh brain deaths in India every year reports, the Hindu.
And Finally, any guess as to who the richest Indians in UK are ? It is the Hinduja brothers with a total worth of 13.5 billion pounds. They are followed by the steel tycoon Laxmi Mittal with a wealth of 12 billion pounds.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Modi to meet Rajnikanth on Sunday - The Hindu

Modi to meet Rajnikanth on Sunday - The Hindu


The EC's action on Azam Khan and Amit Shah for their hate speeches finds prominent mention in all papers today. "EC bars Shah, Azam UP rallies" reports the Pioneer. The Economic Times reports "Amit and Azam barred from UP campaign, may deter leaders".

The outrage over the Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav's statement over rape has led him to blame the media. The Asian Age reports "After rap, SP Chief blames media". Undeterred another SP leader Abu Azmi is reported to have said "Punish women too in rape cases: SP leader" reports the Times of India, while the Hindustan Times quotes him a saying "Hang women for sex outside marriage: Abu Azmi".

Mr. Modi's marital status is the subject of many news headlines today. "Why silent on wife? Rahul to Modi" headlines the Hindustan Times. The Indian Express reports with Rahul Gandhi's query "How can Modi honour women, if can't mention his wife". The Tribune adds "Congress to EC: Book Modi for concealing marital status".

In its lead page story the Mail Today reports "Congress hits panic button - rattled by first three phases of election, Rahul calls on emergency meeting to devise strategy for next rounds".

The decision of the Allahabad High Court to demolish two 40 storeyed residential towers for flouting norms has been reported by the Times of India "Raze Noida Twin towers, HC orders the builder Supertech, return money with 14 percent interest to buyers".

In a significant news item, the Asian Age reports that India and Russia have finally signed an agreement for building units 3 and 4 of the Kundankulam nuclear plant project at a cost of 33,000 crore rupees.

And finally, the Times of India reports that doctors have engineered a human cartilage graft from a patient's nasal septum cartilage cells to successfully rebuild the nostril's of five individuals whose noses were damaged by skin cancer. According to the British medical journal The Lancet, this feat was achieved by the doctors from the University of Basel in Switzerland.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Delhi dumps its lazy tag in a record 65% voter turnout


    The papers are abuzz about the people of India coming out in record numbers to vote in the third round of Lok Sabha elections. "Delhi dumps its lazy tag in a record 65% voter turnout", writes Mail Today. Hindustan Times writes, "Voters rule the day in Delhi, and the rest of India".
    The Tribune writes that a 30 member foreign delegation from 19 countries, including many from Africa, visited some polling stations in the national capital, to observe Indian democracy at work as also to study the comprehensive arrangements made by the Election Commission.
    The Financial Express writes that the sensex surged to yet another high, ending the session at 22,715.33 points, with foreign investors remaining bullish on the Indian market.
    There has been outrage over Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav's - 'Rape as mistake' comment  - headlines The Hindu. His remark sparked outrage and strong condemnation from political parties and women's groups across the country, says the paper.
    The Times of India writes that - after the Lok Sabha polls, the CBI is likely to question LJP Chief Ram Vilas Paswan in connection with alleged irregularity in appointments in the Bokaro Steel Plant.
    "Kejriwal admits Impulsive Exit in Delhi was a mistake" - headlines The Economic Times. He said  - 'In hindsight, I think we should have taken a few more days to hold public meetings to explain the rationale behind our decision and then quit."
    Following a Supreme Court judgement and an order by the Election Commission making it mandatory for candidates to fill in their affidavits fully, Narendra Modi finally acknowledged his married status and the existence of his wife Jashodaben, says the Indian Express. Affidavit on wife leads to attacks and jibes against Modi, reads the Asian Age's headline.
    And finally, The Times of India informs us that researchers  from the University of Washington announced yesterday that they have developed a path breaking software that automatically generates images of a child's face as it ages through a lifetime. "Now, see how your child will age", headlines the paper.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Political parities spent around 15 per cent of their 2,000 crore rupee advertising budget for this years Lok Sabha elections on the online medium


    Heralding the beginning of the 3rd phase of Lok Sabha elections, the Hindustan Times writes, 'Its your vote Delhi, make it count', while the Times of India says, 'Road to New Delhi runs through Delhi: capital a bell weather for National results'.
    Sahara group Chief Subrata Roy will continue to remain in Tihar jail, writes the Statesman, as the Supreme Court yesterday rejected his plea that he be put under House arrest to enable him to negotiate deals for arranging money to repay investors.
    Analyzing digital media spending, the Business Standard writes that political parities spent around 15 per cent of their 2,000 crore rupee advertising budget for this years Lok Sabha elections on the online medium, while they had spent almost nothing on this in the 2009 campaign.
    And finally, the Hindu writes that cashing in on the election Buzz, Facebook users in India can now update their status after casting their ballot with a new 'I'am voter' feature just launched by the site. This button will be visible to users on the day of polling in their area.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

His name is Azam Khan : Opinion, News - India Today

His name is Azam Khan : Opinion, News - India Today


The slapping of AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal while campaigning in Delhi gets top billing in many papers. "Delhi campaign ends in drama, Kejriwal slapped by auto driver" reports the Hindustan Times in its front page lead. The Asian Age writes "AAP sees BJP hand in Kejriwal attacks".

In what seems to be an unrelenting pattern of controversial comments made on the campaign trail, the papers today highlight two more. The Times of India quotes BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi as saying "Kerala is now a nursery of terror" as he targeted the Congress and the Left in the state. The Tribune highlights Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan's comments on the Kargil war as it reports "Azam's twist : Kargil war was won by Muslims".

The Pioneer shares some financial arithmetic about the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. In a special story, it quotes the Election Commission as saying that government spending on the conduct of the polls is set to cross the 5000 crore rupee mark.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi's refusal to provide a copy of her passport to a US Court in connection with a 1984 anti-sikh riots case is prominently noticed in the Hindu, the Times of India and the Tribune. They write that she has cited refusal by the Indian government on grounds of personal security as the reason for not giving the copy.  

In what will cheer many Indians, specially IT professionals, all the papers report that the spouses of H1 B visa holders who have technical skills may be allowed to work in the US.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BJP vows to end policy paralysis


The Tribune in its front page headline "BJP vows to end policy paralysis" writes that the much awaited BJP manifesto was released by a galaxy of BJP leaders. The party promises to give high priority to the revival of economic growth and jobs creation while containing inflation and pursuing tax reforms.
According to the Pioneer, after the army a large chunk of NRI's are counting on the Supreme Court to be allowed to vote in the 2014 general elections from their place of work - the court has asked EC to consider the demand of NRI's to cast their votes at respective Indian Missions either through postal ballots or electronic voting.
An Asian Age report says that President Pranab Mukherjee may exercise his franchise in New Delhi through postal ballot for the South Kolkata Lok Sabha seat. If he does, then he may become the first President to use the postal ballot.
In a biggest business coup, Sun Pharmaceuticals will acquire Ranbaxy Laboratories, creating what will be India's largest drug maker and the Worlds 5th ranked generic manufacturer. The story has been covered by the Economic Times under the headline "Sun Pops Ranbaxy for 4 billion dollars".
The Times of India on its business page writes that Air India has proposed to cut the salary of its pilots by up to 15%, a move that could lead to another round of industrial action just ahead of the coming holiday travel season.
And finally, imagine a shirt that could grow back a sleeve if it rips of or a couch that can grow when you want to rest your feet. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing "Living materials" from biological particles that could be used in every day items, reports the Business Line.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Indian election 2014: your interactive guide to the world's biggest vote | World | The Guardian

Indian election 2014: your interactive guide to the world's biggest vote | World | The Guardian


"Greatest show on earth kicks off today" reads the Times of India headlines. With weeks of hectic activity coming to an end yesterday, 76 lakh voters from five constituencies in Assam and one in Tripura will begin the country's Nine Phase general election this morning.

There is a beautiful photograph in the Indian Express of a polling official crossing the Bhramaputra on a fragile boat in Assam, to report to the call of duty.

The Economic Times informs us that the most politically charged elections in recent times are being closely and methodically studied by the most politically experienced  president of recent times. President Pranab Mukherjee has appointed a special advisor to work with him on legal and constitutional matters, should post-election scenarios call for his involvement as an arbiter.

Ending weeks of suspense, The Telugu Desam Party and the BJP finalized their Pre-poll alliance in Hyderabad yesterday, highlights the Press. The Hindu headline reads "After a decade, Naidu back in NDA".

"Team India let T20 Cup slip away". Mail Today writes that  the law of averages finally caught up with India on Sunday. Having been unbeaten throughout the ICC World Twenty20, it was amazing to see just how off colour the Indian team seemed in the final yesterday.

"Maoists ready for conditional truce" writes the Hindu. In a statement, a day ahead of Phase One of the Lok Sabha election - the outlawed party said it was not against peace talks with the Govt, if five conditions laid down by it were met.

The Statesman writes that a sprawling bungalow in Delhi on Moti Lal Nehru road is being readied for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's retirement home and The Times of India writes that former American President George Bush has painted a portrait of Dr. Manmohan Singh which is to be displayed in a Dallas Exhibition.

And finally, The Asian Age writes that a 13 year old girl in Scotland Eva Wedderburn has entered the genius club Mensa, after scoring an incredible 160 on an IQ test -making her just as intelligent as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

BJP, TDP formally joins hands to fight LS polls in Andhra | Business Standard

BJP, TDP formally joins hands to fight LS polls in Andhra | Business Standard


The outrage generated over BJP General Secretary Amit Shah's comments asking Jats in Muzaffarnagar to use the elections to seek revenge for the riots dominates front page headlines. " Congress wants Shah held, BJP says nation shares his view" reports the Indian Express. The Hindustan Times says that the Election Commission has asked the Chief Electoral Officer of Uttar Pradesh to obtain tapes of the speech.

Senior BJP leader L K Advani's support for the party's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is highlighted in all the papers. The Mail Today reports him as saying "Modi not my protege, no Atalji but a brilliant events manager".

Electoral alignments are keenly tracked in the Press. The Hindustan Times reports "Congress-RJD alliance on verge of collapse". After the Shahi Imam of the Jama Masjid in Delhi endorsed the Congress, the Times of India writes "Bukhari brother sides with AAP".

The Hindu in a front page story draws attention to the massive rescue efforts on in a village in Villupuram in Tamil Nadu to save a three year old girl who fell into an abandoned borewell.

In news about the search operations for the Malaysian Airlines plane that had gone missing on its way to Beijing from Kualalumpur, the Tribune writes "Chinese ship detects pulse signal; could be from black box".

The Indian Express carries a portrait of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh painted by former US President George Bush now at display at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Dallas in the United States.

And finally, there is news of a remarkable ironic twist to history. The Asian age in a front page story reveals that DNA analysis show that Adolf Hitler's wife Eva Braun may have been of Jewish descent.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Afghans Vote in Strong Numbers Despite Dangers -

Afghans Vote in Strong Numbers Despite Dangers -


"BJP may face EC flak on manifesto telecast", headlines the Asian Age. Confusion continues over release of the BJP Manifesto on April 7, with the EC indicating that broadcast or telecast of the function could be an issue, since at the time of release, voting will be in progress in some parts of the country.

The Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid - Syed Ahmed Bukhari, announcing his support to the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the Rashtriya Janta Dal is covered by the Hindu. The Shahi Imam termed communalism a bigger threat than corruption.

Times of India, quoting BJP veteran LK Advani, writes "BJP to top 300 seats".  He said, Modi can rescue India from poverty, illiteracy and corruption.

The Economic Times reports that Big Retailers in the country are caught in an uneasy situation, with the BJP expected to promise to scrap foreign investment in multi-brand retail in its election manifesto.

The main story in the Hindu is of the three repeat offenders in the Mumbai Shakti Mills rape case - getting the death penalty, as they showed no remorse for the crime they had committed. The presiding judge termed it a 'rarest of rare cases'.

"Afghanistan Poll Today, India Watches Closely". The Afghan election promises to be as much a game changer as the Indian election, writes the Times of India. Former Northern Alliance leader and foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is clearly expected to be the front runner in the race for President.

Jubilant pictures of India's 'Men in Blue' cover the front pages, with South Africa's T-20 defeat in Bangladesh yesterday.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Shakti Mills gang-rape: 3 get death, another gets life - Hindustan Times

Shakti Mills gang-rape: 3 get death, another gets life - Hindustan Times


With voting less than a week away, newspapers are choc a bloc with election related news. The Hindustan Times and The Tribune have reported extensively on Narendra Modi's rallies in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon. 'Modi drags in Vadra, attacks Sonia, Rahul at Haryana rallies' says the Tribune.

'BJP manifesto misses deadline' says the Statesman. 'BJP's manifesto delay due to rifts' is the Asian Age headline. The paper adds that it is to be out on the 7th of April, which is day one of polls.

'Corruption free India is AAP's poll promise' writes the Tribune, of AAP's manifesto , which was released yesterday. 'Jan Lokpal bill remains AAP's top priority' says the Statesman , adding that it also pledges to reduce the age for contesting polls.

"Bigger role for Priyanka ? Congress leaders remarks sparks buzz" is the Times of India front page headline saying that senior party General Secretory of the Congress Janardan Diwedi has said that Rajiv Gandhi spoke to him about his daughter's political aptitude way back in 1980.

The Indian Express in its front page story mentions Sahara Company's in ability to pay Rupees 10,000 crore for its chief Subrata Roy's release. The court has clarified that his remaining in jail was not as a punishment but to ensure refunding investors money.

There's a ray of hope for homosexuals after the apex court had recriminalised gay sex in Dec 2013, now 'SC to hear curative petition' reports Mail Today.

Planning a holiday ? There's good news! Indigo , Go Air and Air India join's latest fare war, reports the Hindustan Times and the Hindu Business line.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Single-window clearance sought for infra to AP, Telangana | Business Standard

Single-window clearance sought for infra to AP, Telangana | Business Standard

US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest and undermine government

US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest and undermine government


    Most Newspapers this morning have front page photographs of different Netas in the election fray. "BJP sure of 4 in Delhi, iffy in 3" writes the Hindustan Times. "Clash of clans lends colour to Nepotism in UP" is the Pioneer headline. "Congress will finish second: Pawar" writes the Hindu.
    This time, Vadra may not be seen much in Gandhi bastions in UP" is the Times of India headline also adding that team Rahul believes absent PM has dented Congress chances.
    1 in 3 kids in the city's urban slums are malnourished according to a survey by a non profit organisation Child Rights and You (CRY) writes Mail Today, the Hindustan Times and Hindu. Acute malnutrition is irreversible and the damage is permanent add the papers.
    The confidential report on suspected corruption in the IPL submitted to the Supreme Court by the Mudgal Panel is believed to contain unverified allegations against 12 players, 3 new teams, IPL officials and owners. The Indian Express has headlined this story.
    Estranged Gandhi cousins Varun and Rahul shared a few moments of new found warmth but then politics stepped in. The Hindu has a cartoon with Rahul Gandhi saying " if it is a hate speech against rivals the Election Commission doesn't like it and Varun Gandhi saying: "if one credits the rival for good work, the party doesn't like it".

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Indian Mobile Messaging App Hike Raises $14M In New Funding From BSB | TechCrunch

Indian Mobile Messaging App Hike Raises $14M In New Funding From BSB | TechCrunch


Expectedly All Newspapers are agog with election related news.

The Hindu reports of the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi's appeal to voters from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to give NDA 300 seats in the coming elections for a strong and stable government.

"Red gun await neta's in Bihar' is the Pioneer headline saying that a huge cache of  explosives detonators, gelatin sticks were seized from Nawada, ahead of Modi, Sonia and Nitish rallies.

A report in the Indian Express says that Anna Hazare wants at least 100 farmers in 2019 Parliamentary polls - he was addressing Jai Kisan Mahasabha in Bhubaneshwar. The paper also reports of the World's oldest Oil refinery in the North-East facing a manpower crunch, suddenly becoming a poll issue.

The Tribune says that at least 50 Lok Sabha seats are being fought by sons and daughters of politicians.

Hit by Air and water pollution by flyash from a thermal plant 5000 villagers in Sutana Village in Panipat Haryana have decided to boycott polls is another story in the Trbune.

Today is World Autism day. Many advertisements in papers report that there are around 10 million people in India with Autism - 80% of them being boys and there is no cure and the cause is not yet known, so it is best to know how to deal with it effectively.

Students from Sri Sarada Vidhalaya girls school in Madurai have done the country proud. In a competition held by NASA their fictional won the 3rd prize. The work titled 'Cronus - The Utopia' where Cronus is the space orbit of Saturn where people settle down because - yes! the earth's natural resources have got depleted - thats a report in the Hindu.

The Hindu also reports of Kalam Kari workers making a beeline to the clear waters of Krishna river at Srikakulam to lay their textiles for perfect color as the textiles are meant for export to Europe.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

UN panel says India on climate death row

Newspaper Headlines

"UN panel says India on climate death row" is the headline on Mail Today. The paper adds global warming is expected to have "Severe, pervasive and irreversible" effects, slowing India's economic growth, affecting food security and impacting health and development. This is based on the UN-backed most comprehensive assessment yet of climate change.

Addressing his first rally at Shivgaon in Maharashtra for the 2014 election, senior BJP leader L.K. Advani has sought to place Narendra Modi in the same league as two other BJP Chief Ministers, Shivraj Singh Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh and Raman Singh of Chhattisgarh, saying the Gujarat Chief Minister was not the only one to have scored a hat-trick of electoral wins, reports the Hindu.

Under the headline "Pak court indicts Pervez for treason" the Tribune writes the charge potentially carries death penalty.

The Supreme Court commuted the death sentence awarded to Devendra Pal Singh Bhullar to life imprisonment in view of the inordinate delay in the disposal of his mercy petition and his mental illness reports the Hindu.

According to the Indian Express there's a time-bomb ticking on the employment front. While the rising unemployment level among the youth is a worry, a much bigger cause for concern is that the rate of unemployment has progressively increased with rising levels of education for both men and women.

The Centre is set to fix timelines for forest clearances and hopes to grant approvals in less than a year , compared to a much longer time period, under a new electronic mechanism proposed to be put in place in a few months writes the Times of India.

British scientists have found that people with a tweaked gene in their carb digesting enzyme may be at a higher risk of obesity. This confirms that dietary advice may need to be more tailored to an individuals digestive system reports the Times of India.

"London is billionaire capital of Europe", writes the Times of India. London has been named the billionaire capital of Western Europe, boasting a higher number of "ultra-high net worth individuals" than Paris and tax haven Geneva combined.