Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jealous wife had Shehla Masood bumped off


    A glance through todays Press brings to the fore a report by a panel under the stewardship of the central Board of Direct Taxes which has suggested a drastic overhaul of the  country's  laws to take on Black money hoarders. The Hindustan Times headline reads, ''Tough graft laws, tabs on big spenders soon''
    The Indian Express reports that the government has deported 49 year old German national, Sonnteg Reiner Hermann who was on a tourist visa and found to be 'roaming' around the Kudankulam nuclear power plant for the last few days and was 'actively involved' in the protests.
    "Norway stand-off ends, Uncle to get kids' custody", headlines the Times of India . "Norway's Child Welfare Service has announced that it will award the care of two Indian children - Aishwarya and Abhigyan to their uncle, allowing him to take them back home.
    The Army Chief is to retire on schedule and a retirement letter informing him that his tenure will end on May 31 this year has been sent to him; writes the Hindustan Times.
    "Jealous wife had Shehla Masood bumped off" headlines the Pioneer, though the Asian Age reports of another aspect to the case, of political conspiracy.
    The Hindustan Times tells us that in a bid to tap low-fare carrier passengers, Air India will slash its business class seats on domestic routes from 20 to 12 and will increase its economy seats by 18.
    And finally, "How often do you attend meetings at your workplace?", questions the Times of India. If a new research is to be believed, meetings can make you brain-dead, impairing your ability to think for yourself. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

India rushes special envoy to Oslo, to end custody row


India stepping up renewed pressure on Norway for the release of two NRI children placed in foster care, is noticed prominently by the papers. "India rushes special envoy to Oslo, to end custody row". says Times of India.
"Antony shows China its place", reports the Mail Today. The Asian Age writes, Defense Minister A K Antony slammed China for raising objections to his visit to Arunachal Pradesh, describing Beijing's comments as 'most unfortunate and objectionable'.
The Hindustan Times writes that the government is readying ammunition against NGO's, which it suspects are using foreign funds to sponsor the ongoing agitation against the nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu.
The Supreme Court has asked the Centre to implement the ambitious 'Interlinking of River's Project' in a time bound manner and has appointed a high powered committee for its planning and implementation, reports the Statesman.
Today's day-long nationwide strike by 11 Central Trade Unions and a host of Federation of Workers, is covered by the Press. "Unions reject Government's appeal, Strike today", writes the Indian Express. The Hindustan Times writes that the strike may hit the banking and transport services.
The Tribune writes that the Sam Pitroda Panel on Railway Modernization, in a report handed over to Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi, has said that the organization needs 8.23 lakh crore rupees over the next five years, to give it a complete make-over.
And to conclude this press review, most papers carry photographs of triumphant Oscar winners - Meryl Streep and Jean Dujardin, happily brandishing their well-deserved awards.

Power crisis hits industries in Andhra Pradesh - The Times of India

Power crisis hits industries in Andhra Pradesh - The Times of India: "A major industrial crisis is staring at Andhra Pradesh with the small and medium industrial units threatening a lock-out following the decision of the power utilities to force the industrial sector to observe, what is effectively, a 17-day power holiday in a month. This is in view of the worsening power crisis. "

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Monday, February 27, 2012

72 year old from Nepal is the world's shortest Man

Most paper this Morning have front page photographs of the Jubilant Indian Hockey team that qualified for the London Olympics after 8 years by defeating France 8-1.

72 year old from Nepal is the world's shortest Man. The Tribune, Asian Age, Hindu, Hindustan Times and Most other papers have photographs of Chandra Bahadur Dangi after he was declared the shortest living man by the Guinness Book of world record. At one foot 9.5 inches, the 72 year old Nepalese is the size of a toddler, writes the Indian Express.

Mail Today and the Tribune highlight the story about a squalid community of illegal immigrants, the homeless, the jobless and the hopeless sleep in the open under a motor way flyover in London. Called little Punjab, or the Bridge men of Heston they rely on charity goodwill and hope to survive.

Buying or selling property could become less taxing if the centre accepts the recommendations of a Parliamentary panel examining the direct taxes code bill 2010. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on finances has decided to propose that the exemption limit for wealth tax be increased to 5 crore rupees from the current 30 lakhs. The Hindustan Times and Pioneer have reported this story.

And finally, The Pioneer in a front page story declares that Christian Missions pump whopping funds to NGO's. According to the paper, a Home Ministry report showed that foreign donations worth 10,000 crore rupees had been received by NGO in 2009 - 2012. The report further feared that the NGO sector was vulnerable to the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Garbage High Municipal Corporation (GHMC)


Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation what is this?

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SC directs Centre to implement interlinking of rivers project - The Times of India

SC directs Centre to implement interlinking of rivers project - The Times of India: "The Supreme Court today directed the Centre to implement the ambitious interlinking of rivers project in a time-bound manner and appointed a high-powered committee for its planning and implementation"

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Sunday, February 26, 2012



Civic body should deploy more dogs and pigs to keep Hyderabad clean.

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an Olympic berth for the men's hockey team


    Reactions to the Centre's allegation that foreign funded NGO's were involved in protests against the Kudankulam Nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu, occupy the front pages. "Battle lines drawn, government to monitor NGO  funding", reports Hindustan Times. The US says, it will find out the facts, while Russia has stated that it suspected this all along, writes the Statesman.
    "WHO takes India off its polio list", is a headline in the Asian Age. The Times of India reports that the World Health Organization has taken India off the Polio endemic list - after no case was reported in more than one year.
    "Civil Society Ace loses 'civil' lines", writes the Mail Today, with Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare's key aid, making distasteful and outrageous comments against MPs, before a sparse crowd in Greater Noida - with political parties cutting across ideological affiliations condemning his verbal attack.
    "Track 2 door opens again", writes the Indian Express, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh giving the go-ahead to re-activate the back channel process, after repeated requests from Islamabad.
    The Asian Age informs us that trouble is brewing for the government, as the Ministry of Defence and the R&AW - have refused to share information with the National Intelligence Grid, Natgrid that was set up after 26/11.
    In Economic news, the Financial Express writes that London listed Vedanta Resources will merge its Indian subsidiaries & form 'Sesa Sterlite', to create a natural resources giant.
    And finally, the Hindustan Times writes that today, on Super Sunday, there's everything to play for - an Olympic berth for the men's hockey team and survival in the Australian tri-series for the cricket team, with also, the World Book Fair beginning in the capital, at Pragati Maidan.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Supreme Court's wake up call: Sleep is a fundamental right


Most major dailies today have carried out stories on the protests against the Kundankulam stir. The Hindustan Times reports " Three NGOs diverted foreign funds to organise Kundankulam stir". the Hindu adds "Centre pulls the plug on three NGOs - action follows PM's statement that some US based NGOs are behind the Kundankulam stir.

Another major story reported today is the resignation of Roddam Narasimha Member of the Space Commission, over the treatment meted out to four top scientists including former ISRO chief G. Madhavan Nair. "Upset space scientists, quits space commission, says action against scientists over Devas deal will demoralize the community" reports the Hindu.

In its lead story the Mail Today notes with optimism "Golden Glow - even as the economy is slow, PM can take heart that gold's value in government vaults has appreciated by 100 thousand crore rupees in the last two years".

The Indian Express reports of a Mirage crash near Bhind in Madhya Pradesh due to engine failure in which a senior Air Marshal and the Commanding Officer of a Squadron bailed out safely.

According to the Hindu, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued new guidelines for carriage by Air of persons with disability or reduced mobility under which no airline should refuse to carry persons with disability or reduced mobility.

Many dailies like the Pioneer, the Hindu and the Statesman have reported on the BJP President Nitin Gadkari ruling out change of leadership in Karnataka.

In a lead story on its front page the Hindustan Times notes on the Indian cricket team "Freezing cold vibes at nets, but team insists all is well".

And now some news that may be pleasing to some of our listeners the Hindustan Times reports "Supreme Court's wake up call: Sleep is a fundamental right" adding that police action on Yoga Guru Ramdev supporters on June the 4th and 5th 2011 was torturous and volatile of the right to life.

And finally the Pioneer reports that a decade after the Kargil war there is good news for wild life lovers as two snow leopards were identified in this area by pictures through infra-red camera traps a few kilometers from the line of control.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Single National Engineering Exam. to replace multiple tests draws ire of IIT faculty


    The Supreme Court blaming both the Delhi Police and Baba Ramdev for what happened at the Ramlila Maidan in June 2011 is one of the top stories this morning. "Book cops for Ramdev crack-down" headlines the Indian Express while the Hindu reports that Baba Ramdev was blamed for contributory negligence.
    The goof-up by the Centre on Gay Rights, is also given prominence. "Government swings both ways on gay rights"- writes the Hindustan Times.
    Newspapers carry photographs of the aftermath of the tragic avalanches in Kashmir that killed 16 army personnel.
    On the issue of the death of Mahindra Sharma, a health department clerk linked to the NRHM scam in Uttar Pradesh, the Asian Age writes that Eight days after his decomposed body was found in Lakhimpur, the UP police have now recovered a 'suicide' note.
    Mamta Banerjee bringing to the Prime Minister's attention the leakage at two sluice gates of the Farakka Barrage, and resultant excess water going go Bangladesh, is covered by the Tribune. "Govt. mollifies Mamta", orders an inquiry.
    The Financial Express headlines "Single National Engineering Exam. to replace multiple tests draws ire of IIT faculty". The institute’s primary concern is the impact on the batch of Class 12 Students who appear for IIT-JEE and other exams this year.
    And finally, the Hindustan Times informs that the Delhi Metro has installed 'Automated External Defibrillators' at two of its interchange stations, to help people suffering from cardiac arrest - "Metro lends a helping hand to Heart patients, reports the paper.

‘Ethical hacker Ankit Fadia is a fake’

‘Ethical hacker Ankit Fadia is a fake’: "Fadia feels that the hacking of the Microsoft website allegedly by a China-based group is part of trend that is here to stay. "The hacking of the Microsoft, CIA and the BSF websites happened within days of each other. Such hacking incidents happen all the time. There is no use overreacting as the hacking attacks will continue," says Fadia, also a bestselling author blamed for extensive plagiarising."

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food for thought Amul ads! -

Food for thought Amul ads! - "The BCCI top brass may have denied reports of an alleged rift between the captain and vice-captain of the Indian cricket team but Amul has decided to play the peacemaker between Dhoni and Sehwag with a peace meal to soothe their wounded egos."

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mumbai's Nariman Point slips off the list of 10 most expensive office spaces


    Papers prominently cover the controversy over a proposal to curb the Election Commission's powers to enforce the model code of conduct. The Asian Age says 'Ministers deny Move to curb powers of EC'. The Hindu highlights 'No statutory backing for model code  : Ministry.
    Most dailies today report on the efforts to allay the fears of state chief ministers regarding the proposed NCTC. The Hindu says 'NCTC will not take away states' powers : Manmohan'.
    The SBI's relief package to the cash-strapped Kingfsher Airlines is also highlighted by many news papers. The Hindustan Times headlines it as ' SBI decides on Rs. 1,650- crore relief package for Kingfisher'. The Statesman puts it as ''Get real, DGCA tells Kingfisher''.
    The New Delhi - Rome standoff over the killing of two Indian fishermen off the Kerala coast is another story covered by a number or papers. The Hindu states 'Italy works back channels, sea laws to get marines off Indian hook'.
    The Hindu, The Asian Age and the Statesman carry a story of a 39 - year old Pakistani national being arrested at New Delhi railway station on charges of spying. The Statesman headlines it ' Naturalised Kolkatan' Pak spy held.
    The Times of India, in an exclusive, reports 'NHAI serves order scrapping Gurgaon expressway deal' with DGSCL, slamming the company with serious francial frand and failure to improve services at the 32 - lane toll plaza.
    And finally, the Indian Express carries a 'Reality check' saying, for the first time in six years, Mumbai's Nariman Point slips off the list of 10 most expensive office spaces.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Test tube hamburger to be ready this fall

Today's Newspapers

    Most papers this morning have covered the plight of the cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines. "50 pilots resign in one week, leave Kingfisher high and dry", writes the Times of India." "Staff Exodus, empty coffers sapping life out of Kingfisher", says Hindustan Times. "Kingfisher on a wing & a prayer", writes Mail Today.
    "Government moves to take conduct code out of EC purview," under that headline the Indian Express writes that after its senior leaders defied Election Commission strictures over the model code of conduct, the Congress-led UPA government has started working quietly on giving the code statutory backing. If the move succeeds, the code violations would be covered by law and hence be tried in a court rather than being left to the discretion of the Election Commission, as is the case now, says the paper.
    The Pioneer's headline quizzes, "Was NRHM probe cop shunted or did he opt out?" The paper further reports a top CBI officials claim that Kaul, the investigating officer, was overburdened with the probe and had himself volunteered to take up the investigation of the Sehla Masood murder case.
    The Times of India reports that  a day after a Lamborghini-crash killed a young businessman in Delhi, another speeding car crushed a senior executive of a multinational company and his friend who were out on a morning walk on Siri Fort road in the city. "Car cleaner borrows car, kills two," write Hindustan Times, the Pioneer, the Hindu and other papers.
    The world's first hamburger made with synthetic meat protein derived from bovine stem cells will be publicly consumed this October. The Times of India reports that Mark Post of Maastricht University in the Netherlands said the anonymous backer of this research had not yet decided who would be the first to eat this world's most expensive hamburger. "First Test tube hamburger to be ready this fall," writes the Asian Age adding that this hamburger will cost 250 thousand Euros.

Monday, February 20, 2012

3,500 languages which are on the verge of extinction


The growing opposition by the states to the Centre's proposal to set up a National Counter Terrorism Centre is widely noticed in many papers. The Indian Express says "Centre get hit from Left and Right". The Asian Age headline reads, "Tripura, Uttarakhand CMs join chorus". 
Cash strapped Kingfisher Airlines canceling yesterday nearly fifty percent of its flights from six metro cities is highlighted on the front pages of many papers. "Kingfisher cancels more flights, DGCA orders inquiry" reports The Tribune. Punning on the airline's motto, 'The king of good times', the Pioneer describes the situation as "The king of bad times". The Indian Express reports on its front page that a woman suffering from cerebral palsy was off loaded from a Spicejet flight.
In a front page story on the ongoing assembly polls in five states, the Statesman reports that the Election Commission has so far issued 167 notices to candidates who allegedly paid for the publication of news in their favour in various media outlets. 
The death of a 28-year old businessman in a car crash on the BRT corridor in Delhi after he lost control over the sports car he was driving is widely noticed on the front pages of most national dailies. "Realty firm scion dies in Lamborghini crash", reports the Times of India. The Hindustan Times carries a photograph of the wreckage of the car on the Bus Rapid Transport corridor in Delhi as it writes "Fast and Fatal: 200 kmph crash on BRT kills 1".
The Hindustan Times, in a special front page story reports, that the Prime Minister's top scientific adviser CNR Rao along with three other scientists has apologised to an international journal for plagiarising lines from an article published in another journal.
And finally, the Times of India says that some 3500 languages which are on the verge of extinction may get a lease of life with the unveiling of 8 talking dictionaries which feature 32000 written words and 24000 audio recordings from native speakers from remote corners of the world.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Summer: Traffic police on duty befikar


It happens in Hyderabad

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Two snubs in two days from angry Mamata


"Two snubs in two days from angry Mamata" writes Mail Today, of the West Bengal Chief Minister slamming the NCTC and skipping the inauguration of the NSG hub by P.Chidambram. "More States oppose NCTC, Government in fire fighting mode" is the Times of India headline. But the Tribune writes that Centre reaches out to CMs and that the PM may meet them too, regarding the row over National Counter Terrorism Centre or NCTC.

"Mamata Protest over Farakka" says the Statesman, adding that the CM is unhappy about her share of water. The Hindustan Times writes about her letter to the PM, alleging a conspiracy against her state.

"NIA told to present Headley on March 13" is the Hindustan Times headline. "Court seeks Headley presence" says the Asian Age.

Splendid start by India" writes the Asian Age on the opening day of hockey qualifiers for the Olympics". The Statesman and the Hindustan Times have a picture of the India Singapore match which India won 15-1.

"Chief warden, 2 others held for orphanage abuse" is the Times of India headline regarding the sexual abuse of children in the Arya Anathalaya in Delhi.

George Alencherry, an Indian, who is among the 22 new cardinals, who will elect the Pope's successor is featured prominently in the Asian Age and the Hindu. "New Prince of the Church" is what the Hindu calls him.

Kingfisher flyers were in for a rude shock as the airlines abruptly suspended operations in Kolkata. "Flyers hit as kingfisher cancels flights, stops ops" writes the Times of India. The airlines woes are far from over as the paper adds "accounts frozen, airlines funds crisis deepens".

And finally, "Two of bards plays get Indian makeover for globe fest" says the Indian Express, of two Mumbai based theatre groups which will stage Twelfth Night and All is well that ends well in Hindi and Gujarati, at the world Shakespeare festival 2012.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sena romps home for fourth time


Most newspapers this morning have a front page story about the opposition to the setting up of the National Counter Terrorism Centre. "Mamta leads states' charge against anti-terror agency" writes the Hindustan Times. "Centre fights opposition and Mamta on NCTC" is the Asian Age Headline.

The other major story covered in the papers today is the clear win for the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in Greater Mumbai Municipal Elections. "Sena romps home for fourth time" writes the Hindu. "Saffron team gives big blow to Congress-NCP in BMC polls" writes the Economic Times.

Mail today reports that the Monday afternoon bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat is being seen as an unparallel case on Indian soil in terms of its potential to trigger a global tremor. The Delhi police have yet to work out any conclusive or substantive leads in the case. The Tribune and other papers report that the Israeli woman who was injured in the blast was discharged and flown back home. The Hindu reports that the excessive use of water on the blast hit car, destroyed evidence.

Norwegian social workers who caused a diplomatic storm by removing two Indian children from their parents' care, let the couple see their children for the first time in three months on Friday - writes the Hindustan Times. "Parents reunite with children in Norway" says the Tribune.

Finally, the crime branch of Delhi police arrested five African nationals for allegedly printing counterfeit US dollars and making fake passports - reports the Tribune. Fake visas and dollars seized: 5 held, headlines the Asian Age.

Friday, February 17, 2012

simple blood test, like the one that calculates cholesterol, will soon offer Indians a clue to their longevity and the pace at which they are aging


The death of a whistle blower clerk in the Uttar Pradesh health
department in Lakhimpur, is covered extensively by the Press. The
Hindustan Times writes- Fifth death in the 10,000 crore rupee National
Rural Health Mission gives opposition ammunition against Chief
Minister Mayawati.

The killing of two Indian fishermen off the Kerala coast - by the crew
of an Italian vessel on Wednesday night has sparked off a diplomatic
row between India and Italy - report several headlines. Hindustan
Times says, the Italian vessel crew mistook the fishermen for pirates.

"Beni does a Khurshid, then dares EC to act", headlines the Indian
Express. Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma has defied the poll
panel. He said, 'Reservation for Muslims will be increased and if EC
wants, it can now issue notice to me.

The Times of India top headline quotes Ratan Tata - "I don't believe
Govt's claim on Radia tape leak : Asks Supreme Court for a fresh probe
by an outside agency.

The Marxists may see red - writes the Indian Express, but West Bengal
Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee wants Kolkata to see blue. All
government buildings, flyovers, roadside railings and even taxis are
set to be painted light blue - the 'Colour of the Sky'.

Delhi has earned the distinction of having the highest monthly per
capita income and per capita expenditure in the country. The Asian Age
writes that a report to this effect by the Directorate of Economics
and Statistics, Delhi, was released by Sheila Dixit on Wednesday.

AND finally, the Times of India has an interesting caption. "Soon, a
test to reveal life span". Results from cell biology research in the
US state that a simple blood test, like the one that calculates
cholesterol, will soon offer Indians a clue to their longevity and the
pace at which they are aging.

Page One (Official Movie Site) - Starring David Carr, Bruce Headlam, Brian Stelter, Bill Keller and Tim Arango - Available on DVD and Blu-ray™ - Trailer, Pictures & More

Page One (Official Movie Site) - Starring David Carr, Bruce Headlam, Brian Stelter, Bill Keller and Tim Arango - Available on DVD and Blu-ray™ - Trailer, Pictures & More: "PAGE ONE: INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES deftly gains unprecedented access to The New York Times newsroom and the inner workings of the Media Desk. With the Internet surpassing print as the main news source and newspapers all over the country going bankrupt, PAGE ONE chronicles the transformation of the media industry at its time of greatest turmoil. It gives us an up-close look at the vibrant cross-cubicle debates and collaborations, tenacious jockeying for on-the-record quotes, and skillful page-one pitching that produce the “daily miracle” of a great news organization. What emerges is a nuanced portrait of journalists continuing to produce extraordinary work under increasingly difficult circumstances.

At the heart of the film is the burning question on the minds of everyone who cares about a rigorous American press, Times lover or not: what will happen if the fast-moving future of media leaves behind the fact-based, original reporting that helps to define our society?"

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Video: How to Write Newspaper Headlines: Part 1 |

Video: How to Write Newspaper Headlines: Part 1 |

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History | The Smoking Jacket

The 6 Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History | The Smoking Jacket: "Russian model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Irina Shayk just completed a photo shoot for an upcoming ad campaign for a German lingerie brand. In the campaign, Skayk, 25, can be seen modeling Lascana’s latest fashions which include, well, next to nothing. This is, after all, a lingerie shoot.

Of her newfound fame, Shayk told the New York Daily News, “A couple of days ago, I took a shower and then was walking my dog, and a man came up to me with a bag full of magazines. He came from New Jersey, and was like, ‘Can you sign these magazines?’ It was about 10 p.m., and here I am with wet hair.”"

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thousands come to Binjore to pray for marital bliss on 15th of February


The investigations into the bomb attack in Delhi dominate the front pages of most newspapers of the day. 'Sticky bomb at centre of blast probe - nature of explosive still not known, FBI offers help, is the Hindustan Times headline. The Tribune and the Asian Age quote Home Minister P. Chidambaram as saying that there is no evidence yet of Iran's hand in the car blast.
'Triple blasts in Bangkok', is the headline in the Statesman, with pictures showing the devastation. 'Inept Iranian bomber gets his own leg blown off', writes the Pioneer.
Most dailies have details of the third phase of the Uttar Pradesh elections today. 'Gandhi’s out to reclaim UP legacy', writes Mail Today, as it features a picture of Sonia Gandhi, with daughter Priyanka tweaking her cheek lovingly.
'Now Salman Khurshid does a U-turn, regrets remarks', says the Hindu. But the Law Minister's woes seem far from over as the Pioneer writes, 'Khurshid out of frying pan into communal fire', as a case is now filed against him in a Farrukhabad Court for stoking religious sentiment.
'Love all on Valentines Day', is the headline on the sports page of Hindustan Times. 'A last ball strike by Dhoni ensures India tie', adds the paper.
A proud moment for India - most newspapers show Amartya Sen being honoured with the Humanities medal by President Obama.
Delhi's IGI airport is ranked second best in the world, reports the Times of India. It scored in the category of the number of passengers passing through it, which was 35 million last year, says the paper. 
Love birds celebrated Valentines Day yesterday. But today, the 15th of February, is special in Binjore, a small village near Ganganagar, just two kilometres from the Pak border, which has the mazar of Laila Majnu. Thousands come here to pray for marital bliss, writes the Pioneer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Indians had stashed 500 billion dollars of illegal money in tax havens abroad


The explosion in an Israeli Embassy official's car in Delhi yesterday dominates the front pages of most papers. Linking this act to the recent assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, which Iran has blamed on Israel, the Indian Express writes "Bombing identical to way in which Iranian nuclear scientists were hit". Similarly, the lead in the Mail Today says "Iran's revenge for Israeli bomb attack". Meanwhile the Hindustan Times reports that the diplomat who was injured in the explosion was operated on for splinter injuries.
The Delhi Police detaining three sleuths of Maharashtra's Anti Terror Squad or ATS who had come to Delhi to summon Taquee Ahmed, the brother of Nauquee Ahmed, accused in the July 2011 Mumbai blasts, is highlighted in all the papers."ATS knocks at Taquee door and faces ire, rescued by cops" reports the Times of India. The Hindustan Times writes "Delhi detains Maharashtra ATS officers".
The Supreme Court enquiring from the government if it had conducted an inquiry into allegations that the National Human Rights Commission chief K G Balakrishnan had amassed assets disproportionate to his known sources of income while he was the Chief Justice of India and the CBI chief's statement that Indians had stashed 500 billion dollars of illegal money in tax havens abroad are the other stories that are widely noticed in the papers today.
In economic news, the Indian Express in a special story reports that the Reserve Bank of India, in its biggest intervention in nearly three and a half years to prop up the rupee, sold 9 billion dollars in the spot and forwards market in December, 2011.

Monday, February 13, 2012

an estranged wife has the right to stay in a portion of her husband's house


Law Minister Salman Khurshid speaking to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh against the backdrop of the Election Commission complaint against him to President Pratibha Patil, is on the front pages of most papers today. "Khursheed issue now at PM's door" headlines The Hindu.
"High turnout in UP stumps parties, calculations go awry". Under that headline The Pioneer writes that in the absence of any perceptible wave, the unprecedented large percentage of polling in Uttar Pradesh has baffled political pandits.
"India means business in Pakistan", is the main headline in The Tribune. The paper writes, starting Monday, an Indian business delegation, led by Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma, will be taking part in a series of high-end events, including an 'India Show' in Pakistan,  amid expectations that the neighbouring country will make a announcement granting the 'MFN Status' to India.
The Health Ministry is ready to role out a 30,000 crore rupee "Medicine for All" scheme, with the strong backing of the Prime Minister's Office, where free medicine given to all patients at all government facilities will soon became a reality, says The Times of India.
Whitney Houston, whose soaring voice lifted her to the top of the music world but whose personal decline was fueled by years of drug use, died Saturday afternoon in a Beverly Hills hotel room, report most papers. "Whitney, 48, found dead in LA Hotel on Grammy-eve" reads the Asian Age headline.
And finally, Hindustan Times informs us that the Supreme Court has ruled that an estranged wife has the right to stay in a portion of her husband's house and is entitled to maintenance from him and that he should provide her with all necessary amenities to make her stay habitable.

The lessons of Jaipur

The lessons of Jaipur: "Iqbal Masud, the civil servant and critic, supported the ban on The Satanic Verses in 1989. His reason was simple: if the book remained on sale in India, Muslims would march in protest, policemen would fire upon them, some of them would die, and no book, said Masud, was worth the life of a single protester."

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that a 'woman doesn't need her husband's consent for abortion'


The main stories covered in today's papers include the UP elections, the Salman Khurshid episode, the arrest of the missing link in the baby Falak case and the ongoing Gen. Singh age row.

'59 percent vote in U.P. phase II' is a Hindu headline. The Business Standard, writes 'high turnout a surprise element'. The Hindu writes that 'bribing of voters will be made a cognizable offence'.

EC asks president to act against defiant Khurshid - writes The Times of India after minister vows to press on for sub quota. EC livid over Khurshid's code of misconduct' is the Pioneer headline.

'Main accused in Falak case held' says the Statesman. 'After the 7 city cross country hike, Raj Kumar in the net' is the Hindustan Times headline. Grandparents say father sold baby, siblings and mother', adds the paper.

The Army Chief, after losing the age battle in the Supreme Court, is facing trouble now on another front, writes the Hindustan Times. A serving Major General has accused him for spoiling his annual confidential report, for not agreeing to change his birth date, adds the paper.

The situation in Maldives figures in many dailies. 'Maldives turmoil worries India' says the Tribune. 'After India's groundwork, U.P. presses for Maldives coalition is the Hindu headline.

The stabbing of an Indian MBA student in UK figures in most papers. Mail Today writes that he was stabbed at home, and in now in a critical condition'.

The Tribune writes, that in a first, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that a 'woman doesn't need her husband's consent for abortion'. The paper calls the Judgement 'pregnant with significance'.

Are you planning a holiday? The pioneer gives you ideas then. 'Four to five feet of snow, gentle flakes, pine forests, apple orchards' yes, its rush hour for snow bound Manali, writes the paper.

So, what are you doing on 14th Feb? The Business Standard writes ' this Valentine day, hotels serve love at first bite - the occasion can be special for those with padded wallets,' five star hotel in Mumbai is all set to dish out a 14 course personalised meal, at a cost of Rupees 3.5 lakh.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Azad orders AP CM to bury massive liquor scam

Azad orders AP CM to bury massive liquor scam
A Rs 6,000 cr liquor scam allegedly involving at least eight ministers, 60 MLAs and eight MLCs of the ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh was unearthed by the state Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) last month. But the Congress high command advised AP Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy to bury the report as well as the probe, as action would have brought down the Kiran Reddy government.

India's industrial production, grew by a mere 1.8 percent in December


The Supreme court's decision on the Army Chief's date of Birth has been covered as the lead story in most leading dailies today. 'SC brokers peace, General backs down', headlines The Indian Express. The Pioneer notes, 'General wins honour, loses battle of birth', while The Asian Age says, 'Government wins, Army Chief loses age battle'.

The Tribune reports that the PM has dispatched a special envoy to the Maldives to intensify diplomatic efforts to ensure a peaceful transition. In a related story, the Indian Express reports that the new Maldivian President has said that the government has no inclination of arresting ousted leader Mohammed Nasheed but cautioned that the current environment is not conducive for free and fair polls.

The Hindu in a front page story reports that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has asked the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani to appear in court on Monday to face Contempt of Court charge. If held guilty of contempt, he could face loss of office and a maximum of six months imprisonment.

According to The Asian Age, India's industrial production, grew by a mere 1.8 percent in December due to contractions in mining and capital goods output.

The Times of India reports that J&K Education Minister Peerzada Mohammed Saeed, who was alleged to have helped his foster son cheat in Class-X exam, has resigned from the state cabinet.

According to the Pioneer, the power sector has to brace itself for low fuel availability as the government is mulling to reduce power capacity from Coal India's linkages in the next five year plan.

And finally, The Times of India reports that a new study says that having a name which is easy to pronounce could propel one up the career ladder. Researches from Melbourne and New York Universities have found that people with simple and easy to say names are likely to fair better in careers than those with a tongue twister! | The Jury Is Out @swamy39 | The Jury Is Out: "On why he has fewer followers on Twitter than celebrities and stars: “In forest there are 1,000 goats and one tiger. Who is more powerful?”
On the secret of his health and charm: “Don't care for outcomes. Work for a goal. If failed, blame God. If success, credit to God.”
On Anna Hazare’s methods versus his: “Anna is primary school and I am the university.... I personally like Anna. But his team is Naxalite.”
On why he was made law minister, not finance, in the Chandra Shekhar government: “Dhirubhai Ambani's tricks. Not my choosing.”"

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Khurshid says Sonia cried over Batla pics; red-faced Cong denies claim - The Times of India

Khurshid says Sonia cried over Batla pics; red-faced Cong denies claim - The Times of India: "Congress was scrambling for cover after law minister Salman Khurshid said pictures of the Batla House encounter in which two Indian Mujahideen members were shot dead moved Sonia Gandhi to tears despite the minister and the party hastening to clarify the remarks.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

fasting for short periods may be the best way to combat cancer and boost effectiveness of its treatment, according to a new survey held at a university in Southern California


The order of the Bombay High Court against former Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh for granting film producer Subhash Ghai 20 acres in Film City, finds prominence in the press. The Indian Express writes, 'Court slams Deshmukh, scraps land he gave away to the Ghai Film School'.
'Maldives on edge, arrest warrant out for former President Mohammed Nasheed', writes the Hindustan Times. 'Don't harm ousted President, India tells Maldives', headlines the Times of India.
The issue of the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team, that reportedly found nothing to substantiate the allegations against Narendra Modi, is also highlighted in the dailies. The Indian Express writes that Zakia Jaffery and two civil rights groups have filed applications seeking copies of the SIT report on Modi.
'Age row, crucial hearing today', reports the Statesman. The Pioneer writes that the stage is all set for a pitched legal battle in the Supreme Court today.
'India and China may tie up for fuel hunt', headlines HT Business, with the two largest economies of the world joining hands in their pursuit to acquire oil and gas assets abroad, coinciding with External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna's visit to China.
The Hindu reports that Al-Qaeda's Chief in Pakistan, Badar Mansoor, who was once active in J&K, was among the four terrorists killed in a US drone attack in the North Waziristan tribal region on Thursday.
And finally, the Times of India reports that fasting for short periods may be the best way to combat cancer and boost effectiveness of its treatment, according to a new survey held at a university in Southern California.

Facebook’s ‘sponsored stories’ have gone too far - Telegraph

Facebook’s ‘sponsored stories’ have gone too far - Telegraph: "Facebook has started rolling out sponsored stories onto photos and it is making me and many others feel uneasy.
We knew when Facebook announced its intention to float last week, that there would become a growing pressure on the site’s founder and chief, Mark Zuckerberg, to ramp up the network’s commercial offering."

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Tribe Suing Beer Companies For Alcohol Problems | Fox News

Tribe Suing Beer Companies For Alcohol Problems | Fox News: "An American Indian tribe sued some of the world's largest beer makers Thursday, claiming they knowingly contributed to devastating alcohol-related problems on South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation"

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smoking may cut capacity to solve problems and may be a risk factor for dementia among the elderly

Most papers this morning report the slowdown in the economy which is expected to grow by just 6.9 percent as compared to 8.4 percent in the previous fiscal. The Economic Times reports that growth is set to slip below 7 per cent for the first time in 3 years. The Finance Minister will unveil the union budget for 2012 and 13 on the 16th of March write the Pioneer, the Asian Age and other papers.
The other major story in today's newspapers is the Maldives Mutiny forcing out the first democratically elected President in the Maldives. India is keeping a close watch on the situation writes Hindustan Times.
The Hindu on its front page reports that a Karnataka Minister was caught on camera watching pornography on his mobile phone during the assembly session. "BJP ministers watch dirty picture in the house", writes Hindustan Times.
The Times of India reports deadwood in the Indian bureaucracy will not clog the government any longer as the center has ratified a rule making it compulsory for IAS, IPS and officers from other All India Services to retire in public interest if they fail to clear a review after 15 years of service.
India against corruption may have been all over the airwaves in 2011 with the Anna Hazare Lokpal movement, but the man himself has not made it to a list of the top three Indian role models for the youth says Hindustan Times, according to the paper Shah Rukh Khan was the top choice in a youth survey.
The Times of India reports of a new study published in the General psychiatry journal London which has found that smoking is bad for the brain, specially for male smokers, who tend to have a more rapid mental decline than men who do not smoke. Smoking may cut capacity to solve problems and may be a risk factor for dementia among the elderly, adds the Asian Age.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yuvi upbeat about cure, docs say he could return stronger

 The Antrix-Devas multimedia deal involving former ISRO Chief G Madhanvan Nair and the recent ban on him and three other space scientists from holding any government post is prominently noticed on the front pages. The Tribune reports the present ISRO Chief K Radhakrishnan as saying, 'No vendetta against Nair, his team'. The Hindu says, 'Ban on Nair, three others to stay'. The Hindustan Times quotes Mr Madhavan Nair as saying that some rules may have been broken in the deal but the government did not lose money on the satellite deal.
Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi's press conference at Varanasi during the Assembly Election campaign in UP gets front page attention. The Asian Age writes, 'Rahul: Obsessed with UP, not being PM'. Meanwhile, there is intense front page specualtion over the possibility of Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadra joining politics. 'Vadra ready to take political plunge', reports the Times of India.
Most papers take note of the draft ideological resolution for internal debate released by the CPI(M) yesterday. Highlighting the party's attack on the financial reforms and growing corruption in China, the Asian Age writes, 'CPM targets China, to seek Indian Socialism'. The Statesman reports, 'CPM resolution calls for Indian path to socialism'.
The compliance report filed by Facebook and Google in a trial court in a case regarding objectionable content on their websites is widely noticed. 'Google removes offensive content: Facebook says it doesn't control, Operate servers', writes the Times of India. The Asian Age says that Facebook has argued that there is no case made out against them nor was there cause for action against them.
  Cricketer Yuvraj Singh's medical condition, after it was reported that he was undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer, gets wide attention. The Mail Today reports that the doctors predict Yuvraj may return by the month of May. The Times of India writes, 'Yuvi upbeat about cure, docs say he could return stronger'.

Mail Online passes NYT as named world’s biggest newspaper, NYT says Mail “not in our competitive set” | The Wall Blog

Mail Online passes NYT as named world’s biggest newspaper, NYT says Mail “not in our competitive set” | The Wall Blog: "We wrote last week that the Mail Online was continuing its expansion plans with a launch in India and today it has been confirmed by online measurement firm ComScore that the Daily Mail’s website has passed the New York Times to become the World’s biggest newspaper.

The Mail Online reached 45.3 million people in December compared to 44.8 million for the New York Times. However, in a put down almost worthy of Dorothy Parker the Times has said that the British tabloid was simply not in its class. Ouch."

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Monday, February 6, 2012

It's now confirmed. Plants can talk


Most papers today have reported prominently on star cricketer Yuvraj Singh being diagnosed with cancer. The Asian Age says 'Yuvraj battles cancer in US, out 6 months'. The Times of India reports 'Yuvraj has cancer, in US for chemotherapy since Jan'. The paper adds that experts say his chances of a Full Recovery are bright. Hindustan Times headline it as, 'Yuvi fighting 'curable' cancer' and says that he could he back in action by April.

The contentious Antrix-Devas deal is another story covered extensively. The Tribune says, 'ISRO reports indict Nair, 3 others', and asks, 'Did Devas take ISRO for a ride?'

"2G windfall for social sector", under that headline Hindustan Times reports that the Supreme Court verdict canceling all the 122 telecom licences issued in 2008, has unexpectedly opened up a new window that can help the Government earn up to Rs.75,000 crore.

India voting in favour of a UNSC resolution to stop violence in Syria, which was later vetoed by Russia and China, is reported in most dailies. The Tribune says, 'India justifies UN vote on Syria'. The Indian Express states, 'Syria resolution: India kept out automatic intervention'.

The Times of India carries a headline 'Panel for equal property rights among couples.' The paper says that a govt. panel has suggested that all movable and immovable assets acquired by a couple married or living together be classified as joint property, and be divided equitably in case of separation or desertion.

The Times of India reports on the path breaking move by the Evangelical Church of India which has appointed India's first trans-gender pastor at a parish near Chennai. Shunned and traumatized as a youngster, 25 year old Bharathi now preaches to 45 respectful parishioners, including 14 families.

Hindustan Times has an interesting report as part of its Youth Survey 2012, which says that in a country with over 50 percent of the population under 25 years of age, 42 percent of Indians in the 18 to 21 years age group say they have paid a bribe.

And finally, "It's now confirmed. Plants can talk", says the Times of India. The paper reports that researchers at Exeter University in Britain claim to have found that plants can communicate with one another. In fact, they have for the first time captured such a process on the camera, says the paper.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gritty Swamy to take graft battle to higher courts


CBI court's dismissal of Subramanian Swamy's plea to make P Chidambaram a co-accused in the 2G scam case, is the main headline in most dailies. 'Nothing incriminating, no malafide: 2G court clears Chidambaram', is the headline in The Indian Express. 'UPA breathes easy as CBI court gives clean chit to PC', writes The Tribune. The Asian Age has called it a 'big win' for government and Chidambaram. 'Truth has triumphed, says Government', headlines The Hindu, quoting the reaction of the Congress. 'Gritty Swamy to take graft battle to higher courts', writes The Pioneer.

Sahara Group's announcement that it is ending its decade-long sponsorship of the Indian cricket team, and its withdrawal of sponsorship of the IPL franchise, Pune Warriors, has also been prominently reported on the front pages of dailies. "Sahara retires hurt', writes The Times of India, while The Statesman and Hindustan Times carry identical headlines, 'BCCI loses its Sahara".

Splashed across the front pages of dailies as well as in the sports pages is news of the IPL-5 auction. 'Jadeja sports a million-dollar smile', writes Hindustan Times, about Ravindra Jadeja, for whom Chennai Super Kings have paid approximately 9.8 crore rupees.

The Asian Age reports that the Medical Council of India is set to extend the duration of the MBBS course by a year, to six and a half years. One year's rural posting for doctors has also been made compulsory, writes the paper.

Syrian forces have killed over 200 people, according to activists, but the government has denied it, writes The Statesman.

The Times of India reports that a group of Muslim scholars and activists have sought a ban on triple talaq and restrictions on polygamy.

And finally, with board examinations round the corner, doctors have cautioned students not to strain their eyes. Hindustan Times writes that doctors have advised students to take a break after every hour, wash their eyes 3 to 4 times a day, blink frequently while studying, ensure good lighting and nutritious diet, consume enough liquids and sleep properly to avoid vision problems.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The country will enjoy a bumper harvest in 2011-12 with an estimated 102 million tonnes of rice and 88 million tonnes of wheat


Most newspapers, this morning, covered the story about Army Chief General V K Singh's age row. The Hindustan Times writes that the Supreme Court has said, it will quash the Defence Minister's order, rejecting the Army Chief's plea to accept 1951 as his year of birth. 'Withdraw order or will quash it, SC to centre', writes the Asian Age.
The Pioneer writes that with the cancellation of the entry fees and security bank guarantees of the nine companies awarded 2G licences, the government will be richer by about 13 thousand 740 crore rupees. The Economic Times in a related story says that the Base Price for the fresh anchor of a 2G permit may be set at over 2 billion US dollars.
The country will enjoy a bumper harvest in 2011-12 with an estimated 102 million tonnes of rice and 88 million tonnes of wheat projected as per revised estimates by the Union Government writes the Hindu. The Financial Express adds that grains production may touch 250 metric tonnes this year. Bumper harvest poses problems of plenty for government says the Times of India.
On World Cancer day today, doctors show concern about the increasing prevalence of cancer caused due to tobacco. The WHO has estimated that over 84 million people will die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 and in India there are 1.5 lakh cancer cases, writes the Statesman. Tobacco is India’s biggest cancer worry writes the Hindustan Times in a front page story. 10 Lakh people are diagnosed with cancer each year.
And finally, an Indian American Preet Bharara, a Ferozpur born attorney and an anti corruption crusader has made it to the cover of Time Magazine. The 43-year old is engaged in several high profile cases, including that of India Incorporated poster boy Rajat Gupta. The Tribune and Mail Today have covered the story, with vivid details.

Friday, February 3, 2012

'Supreme Court cancels license to loot


The Supreme Court order quashing 122 2G licenses awarded to different
telecom companies during former telecom minister A Raja's tenure gets
top billing in all the papers. 'Supreme Court cancels license to
loot', is how The Times of India describes the order. Most papers
analyse the likely impact of this order. The Tribune reports the
telecom regulator TRAI as saying, 'Users wont be impacted much by 2G
verdicts'. However, The Asian Age in a front page story says, 'Mobile
tariffs set to go up'.

The concern expressed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA
Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at a function to commemorate the completion
of six years of the rural employment guarantee scheme is widely
noticed. The Hindustan Times reports the Prime Minister as saying,
'Delay in NREGA payment is a worry'. The Hindu quotes Sonia Gandhi as
saying, 'Looting of MGNREGS funds amounts to crime against the poor'.

The Mail Today, The Times of India and The Indian Express highlight a
report in a Canadian newspaper that names Heavy Industries minister
and former Civil Aviation minister Praful Patel as an intended
beneficiary of a bribe paid by an Indo-Canadian businessman to obtain
an aborted contract for supplies to Air India.

The Asian Age in a special story says that the International Advisory
Panel on the National Rural Health Mission, NRHM has attributed
India's better health indicators to work accomplished under the NRHM.
However, in what could be a cause for concern for the health sector,
The Times of India highlights on its front page a research published
in the medical journal Lancet that Malaria deaths in India could be
almost 46 times the official figure.

In international news, the Pakistan Supreme Court summoning Prime
Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to be indicted in a contempt of court case
is widely noticed. 'Pak SC summons Gilani in contempt case on Feb 13',
reports The Tribune. The Asian Age says, 'Gilani closer to disgraceful

And finally, it seems the famous 'Mona Lisa' has a twin sister, as The
Times of India and The Pioneer would have us believe. The papers
report that Spanish curators have claimed that the Mona Lisa at the
Prado was executed by an artist in Leonardo da Vinci's workshop at the
same time as the original.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The hotel not recommended for meals


In Tirupati

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Nothing new in rich owning media - Stephen Conroy |

Nothing new in rich owning media - Stephen Conroy | "THE Federal Government says there is nothing new about wealthy Australians owning media companies and Gina Rinehart is not breaking any law by seeking to take a 14 per cent stake in Fairfax Media."

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Marriage: Are you ready for the gamble?

Marriage: Are you ready for the gamble?
RIYA, 24, is all happy and excited. She would soon be with her equally happy friends for a weekend party. Little does she know that a call could dampen her excitement. Her father rings her up to tell that they had found a ’suitable groom’ for her. A perfect one. Perfect? For? Hello, who is the bride? How could anyone else decide on her behalf? Nice guy, good family and she could meet the guy! And if she did not like him, she could say no. Really? That would certainly not be taken that way. Why no? Why not yes? What's wrong? That's a minor thing, look at this and that and also that. How many good things! Buying a washing machine?

Meet Victoria's best boss who gave his staff a $15m bonus |

Meet Victoria's best boss who gave his staff a $15m bonus | "Bus company boss sells off slice and reinvests
Some staff received as much as $30,000"

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook IPO could redefine the social media market - The Boston Globe

Facebook IPO could redefine the social media market - The Boston Globe: "Can an initial public offering from Facebook reverse the Wall Street curse on social media companies?



Taking stock

Facebook could file to go public as soon as tomorrow, and its offering could raise up to $10 billion -- enough to revive a tepid market for Internet stocks, analysts said, and seed the ground for future offerings from social media companies like Twitter or Yelp Inc. Facebook’s market value may reach $100 billion, placing the social media giant on par with such corporate titans as General Motors Co. and Visa Inc."

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Images: The Times of India Kerala launch: simply stunning | Firstpost

Images: The Times of India Kerala launch: simply stunning | Firstpost: "How does a national newspaper like The Times of India act ‘local’ when they launch in a new market like Kerala? They look at all the idioms for the state and distil this into a shortlist of those that reflect the state best. So you have the elephant, rivers and waterways, kalaripayattu, coconut trees, green fields, churches, mosques which seem to have made the shortlist. The Times of India uses these images in print ads, with the chosen subjects being entertainingly used as the newspaper is shown being delivered. Delightful campaign. Stunning visuals – so stunning you don’t quite realize these are ads you’re staring at. Enjoy the campaign – we did."

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